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My Present Revealed


The box that I showed off in a previous video shows a very special gift that I bought myself. Now if you’ve been wondering what it was then I’ll be glad to share. It was Windows 7 Professional, and I was very happy when it arrived, I had gotten it on Thursday, and decided not to install until I was ready. Which turned out to be Sunday. I was really quite pleased once I had installed it, everything ran so smooth. Of course that is the case when you perform a clean install.

Whenever I upgrade to a newer version of Windows, I always prefer to do a clean install. My reasoning for this is upgrading can actually degrade the system over time. When I upgraded from Windows Xp to Windows Vista my system was slower and heavy, but with a clean install of Vista the system ran much better. Vista was heavy anyway, Windows 7 is light on my system. As for backing up, I really don’t have to on my PC since everything is on other drives, and the OS (Operating System) is on the main drive.

I really should back up though, because I never know God forbid if any of my other hard drives will give weigh and crash. This has happened many times to me in the past on  older systems. Of course this system is newer, but my laptops hard drive was as old as my main drive and it gave way a few months ago. That was a Hitachi HDD, my desktop uses Western Digital HDD’s, which I prefer. Anyways that was my present to myself, and I was very pleased.

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