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It’s Snowing!


Today I witnessed snow for the first time in my adult life. I was told by my dad that I was in snow before when I was a year old, but that really doesn’t count since I have no memory of it. I’ve been waiting all week for this, and now that it’s here I’m even more excited than I thought I’d be. It won’t be here long, but at least it’s here now, and I can sit and enjoy it.

Some people probably don’t like the snow, especially if they’re used to it. For me it’s like being a kid again, but to bad it won’t be here on Christmas. Where I’m from it doesn’t snow it just rains, even though I’m from Texas I grew up in the tropical south. This is a big change for me especially since I didn’t prepare for such weather conditions when I moved here. So some of “winter wear” is not really helping in the cold.

I am excited, and look forward to seeing more before the day is out, so far 6” is forecasted to fall. I’m waiting to see if that actually happens. So here it is my first snow day, hope it’s not the last.

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