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RealPlayer SP

Over the years I’ve seen Real Player evolve into what it is now. When I was younger I used it only for certain video codec's that Windows Media Player wouldn’t support. There was a time when I used Real Player as my default player, now of course I use iTunes, Window Media Player, VLC Player, and Real Player.

Real Player now plays flash video, or flv files. I like this because there are videos on YouTube that I do like watching, and so I download them with Real Player SP. The latest version allows you to convert them to different formats, wmv, mp4, and so forth. I really do like the ease of use, now I will say it’s not perfect. You might have a better recommendation, if you do please feel free to share.

*I might want to add that RealPlayer does run sluggish for me, I won’t know if this is just a Vista thing, or if it’s just how it goes until I install Windows 7. That will happen sometime later this week.

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