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StoneLoops! of Jurassica

StoneLoops is a game available for PC and Mac. The game is very much like Zuma, and Luxor. Basically you shoot what I think are rocks into the line of rocks that are making their way towards the end. You don’t want them to reach the end, so match the colors and blast the rocks away. If you manage to gems will appear that you catch for a score.

Now I’ve played Luxor, which was very enjoyable especially Luxor 2 on the Xbox 360 Arcade. Zuma was ok, not as good as Luxor 2 but still not bad either. Now StoneLoops is pretty good, I enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed playing Luxor 2 when I had a working Xbox 360.

There are two game modes, Classic and Grab ‘N’ Shoot. Basically classic is a lot like Luxor, while grab ‘n’ shoot is basically what it says you grab, and you shoot. Both game modes are fun and challenging. There are some hard levels to, especially when you have two lines instead of one.

The game was once in the iTunes App Store but was pulled because of the similarities to Luxor. The game itself is still available for purchase at It cost $9.99 and is worth it.

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