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Windows 7 Starter a killer for the new OS?

Ok I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz on Twitter about the 3 app limit in Windows 7 Starter Edition. Ok first of all, Starter Edition is nothing new, there was a Windows XP Starter, and a Windows Vista Starter, but they were released in developing nations in years past. Windows 7 Home Basic now takes it’s place, and Windows 7 Starter will run on Netbooks.

What has got people in an uproar is that Starter has a 3 app limit, which I find not to be a problem. For me a Netbook is not for multitasking. It’s more for email, and internet, maybe some Word Processing, and other stuff along those lines. I multitask on my desktop all the time, as a matter of fact I have VLC Player, Firefox w/14 tabs, iTunes, TweetDeck, Zune Player, and StreamDesk running right now. However if this was a netbook I would probably only have Firefox, and maybe TweetDeck running.

As for Windows 7 Starter killing the launch of Windows 7 all together, well that’s a load. What we have here is what people have been waiting for, a reason to jump on and attack Windows 7. All the positive reviews have been killing the people that hate Vista because they want to attack 7.

Windows 7 Build 7077 has been running on my notebook for about 2 weeks, before that 7068, before that Build 7000, all have worked beautifully. I’m not a Microsoft fan boy, I’m just stating that Windows 7 Starter will not cripple the average user, now Power Users like myself might feel a little claustrophobic but, we should be able to install a different version of Windows 7 if we have to. :)

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