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Reflection on Windows Vista, and other things

Well now that the countdown to Windows 7 is underway, now is the time to reflect on Windows Vista. I preferred Vista over XP as it allowed me to be more productive, and thought at times had its problems, it still got the job done. In my experiences with Vista all of my problems were with hardware, and it wasn’t Vista’s fault, it was Nvidia. It’s a shame that Windows Vista’s bad press was it’s ultimate undoing, and will go down like Windows ME when in fact it is no comparison to ME since ME just didn’t work.

As for Mac users, yes I know Macs are cool, and I know that OS X is great, I’ve used it a few times in Best Buy. However that’s you and that’s good for you as for me I’ll buy a Mac when I can afford one, but it won’t replace my Windows PC. Every person has to realize that both Windows and Mac can co-exist in peace and harmony. I like OS X and wish I could have an iMac next to my monitors on my desk, but for me at the moment it’s a dream.

This is not a post that hates on one OS, well I’m lying if I say that, Windows ME just plain sucked, as did Windows 3.0. We all know by now that the release of Windows 7 is set for October 22, 2009. I’m glad to see that Microsoft was able to release it so quickly, considering the length of time that passed between Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Do I expect peace between PC’s and Mac’s? No. ;)

I want to express that I do like OS X, and it does have its advantages over Windows, but more or less they are similar.

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