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Blogger, Wordpress, and Webs, I bid you adieu

I started blogging in November of 2006 on Windows Live Spaces, and moved out from there to MySpace and Blogger. Since then I went added Wordpress and Geeks to my list. All of the post on these sites are the same post. It’s pretty much been this way for a while now. I also have a webpage at

However I have decided to abandon Blogger, Wordpress, and my website for Squarespace. This will happen at the end of June, now I never started blogging to get comments, but rather to make my thoughts public. I love feedback, even if it doesn’t agree with me. My new site has already been up for a few weeks, that’s, it’s far superior to my old site. I do have to make a change in the About Me part since I just copy and pasted my information. For me this is big, which is why I’m sharing it with everyone. :) I have my reasons for sharing everything that I do via Twitter, Geeks, MySpace, Facebook, and friendfeed which I will get into later in another post.

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