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Could technology lead to communication problems?

That is a very good question, I know from experience that without communication relationships don’t work. Not just with couples, but with friends also. Without communication it’s pretty easy to grow apart, and sometimes we don’t know it, but it is possible to get so lost in technology that you cut yourself off from the real world.

I recently read an article in the USAToday that expressed concerns about this very thing. The article was talking about how family time is dwindling in homes with internet access. I spend a lot of time online and usually lose track of time. There are times I have to pull myself away from the screen just to do some workouts, and at times I find myself upset when one of my friends shows up to hangout. These are all problems that can cause anti social behavior.

Most of my life I was a loner, and pretty much enjoyed staying to myself. By doing so I was in my own little bubble world, but love has a way of changing things. Nowadays I find myself interacting more with people, and voicing more of my opinions out over the internet. In fact when I started blogging in 2006, that’s exactly what I wanted. Just to voice myself, and let others into my head, but now I see also that technology can also have a negative impact.

A friendship, or relationship needs to be watered, and the only way to do that is to communicate. I have friends on my social sites, but I rarely if at all message them. If you are my friend MySpace, Facebook, or Geeks and I haven’t messaged you I’m sorry. You can message me anytime I will respond, I don’t mean to seem so anti-social.

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