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iPod Touch Rumors

Rumors have been circulating about Apple creating some giant iPod Touch. Well so I’ve read, the rumors report that it has a 9” and 7” screen which makes no since to me at all. It’s not an iPod Touch, and my friend Phil said it best that’s “like a Netbook in your pocket”. My guess if rumors are true, that it’s Apple’s attempt at a Tablet, which is something I’d like to see.

The fact that rumors spread around like that scares me, it makes me wonder do people really understand measurements? I mean seriously 9” screen on an iPod Touch, give me a break, do the math. On the average Netbook, the screen size is 8.9”, how the hell do you run with, or put that in your pocket? It just doesn’t make any since at all.

Now some people may think I’m just hating on Apple. No I’m not, I like Apple products, I think the company is full of self absorbed egotistical jack holes, but I love what those self absorbed egotistical jack holes produce. I love my iPod Touch, I want an iPhone, I wish I could afford a MacBook Pro, or an iMac. Any ways, the rumors surrounding the iPod Touch 3rd Gen being some 9” monstrosity I think is BS.

There was also another rumor about the next gen touch sporting a camera, which would be nice, but my concern is would it be a photo camera or would it be a full video cam like it’s iPhone counterpart? What I mean by that is, if the touch doesn’t pack an internal mic then what would be the point to video? The only thing it would be useful for is taking pics and to me that wouldn’t be very innovative. So the jury is still out on this one. The only thing there is to do is sit and wait to see what happens later this year.

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