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Microsoft Pricing of Windows 7

I am in a way disappointed with how Microsoft has priced Windows 7, by keeping it inline with that of Windows Vista. I’m not speaking of the upgrade versions, only the full versions. The prices for Windows 7 are as follows:

Windows 7 Home Premium $200

Windows 7 Professional $300

Windows 7 Ultimate $320

Yes I know at least it’s not $400 for Ultimate like it was with Vista, but that’s not the point. It’s just another way to screw the consumer, and there is no reason why Windows should be priced that high. I don’t expect Microsoft to actually sale Windows at $30 or $50 since unlike Apple they are a software company and make their money on selling software. For those who think this is a rant it’s not, it just really pisses me off that they try to squeeze every dime out of their OS, and at no personal care for the consumer.

For some people the pricing isn’t a problem, but lets take a look at the current economy, how does this help the consumer. In my personal belief I think the pricing should be:

Windows 7 Home Premium $100

Windows 7 Professional $200

Windows 7 Ultimate $220

  • *Or perhaps even lower, some say they should just give it away free. The only ones I say that should get Windows 7 free are Vista owners.

No OS should cost in the 300’s, I don’t care how good it is, or if it’s from Microsoft. I guess I was somewhat half expecting this out of Redmond. I know about the upgrade program that Microsoft is starting I believe next month, and it’s very similar to the one they did for Windows Vista.

The upgrade pricing is nuts. $120 for Home Premium, $200 for Professional, and$220 for Ultimate. This is a rip off, I mean yes it’s more affordable but the full version should have prices like this not the upgrade. I mean what’s so bad about this:

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade $50

Windows 7 Professional Upgrade $100

Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade $120

  • Yes I’m aware of the upgrade program and I do advise people to take advantage of it while it’s going on. It’s a great bargain, also I’m not sure if like Windows Vista you can do a clean install from upgrade media, I’ve read that you could on Winsupersite, but I'd have to try it before I recommend anything.

I know some people are going to think I’m a little extreme here but I take this stuff seriously, and I’ve been watching this since the induction of Windows XP. Before XP the home based OS was $100, then Microsoft merged the NT kernel into the home OS. Apparently they feel that adding NT makes the price go up $100, but thats a whole other topic which I’ll probably talk about at a later date. I’m done for now, and will just sit back and take it all in.

Feel free to comment, I’m not a hater of Microsoft, but I’m also not a lover either.

  • Update: I’m pre-ordering Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, when it arrives in October I’ll be see if a clean install is possible.

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