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How the Internet has changed

Everyday I browse the web and find many interesting things. It’s amazing how much the internet has changed in the years since it was introduced. I remember when the first time I used the internet, it was at my neighbors house. He had a cable connection from Media One then the cable company in this part of Florida. I was amazed, and now I look back and remember sitting at my computer for hours having fun, but I had no internet on my PC, it was a 486SX, MS-DOS 6.22, with Windows 3.1. It’s amazing, we got dial-up in 1998, and we got DSL in 2003, I was 17.

At around 9 I grabbed a receipt which had my grandpa’s credit card number on it and signed myself up for AOL. That was on my Windows 3.1 machine. Then got in trouble for it but I didn’t care all I wanted to do was use the internet. It was 1998 when we finally did get dial up with MSN. That was cool, I didn’t care about the speed then, but now I could never go back to dial up.

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