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Chrome OS, Google’s New OS the Wave of the future

Ok so Google announced it’s new OS last week, and since then it’s been the biggest topic going around the tech world. I love the concept of Chrome OS, it promises to be a departure of what an Operating System is today, and bring us one step into the future. Microsoft isn’t the only OS that will be attacked by Chrome, Apple will be hit to, but not as bad as the software giant. As for Linux I don’t see how it would affect it since Chrome is built off of Linux.

Microsoft has really been lacking in the Windows department for years, and to be honest I have a feeling it’s because the company has gotten too comfortable. They’ve had no real competition for over a decade, and haven’t really had a serious threat to it’s OS since it surpassed Apple’s Mac OS. Now with Google’s new OS Microsoft actually has something to be concerned about, especially if it’s good. Chrome OS is a step in the right direction, whereas Windows 7 is a step back. Things need to change, and hopefully they will.

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