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Ok so things have been kind of slow lately, well actually I’ve been kind of slow. I am still settling into my new place and getting back on a normal schedule, I have stated that I will be making post soon on and YouTube. If you read this blog most of my post are on technology, but I do post on other topics as I have stated many times before.

One bit of news happened right here in the State of Texas where a judge has ordered that Microsoft stop selling Word within 60 days. This was because of a Canadian company i4i claiming that the XML technology within Word is patented by them. I’ve been watching this since last week, I don’t know what to expect but I’ll be posting something on it soon.

Some upcoming reviews are on Virtual Villagers 2, Pocket God, Plateau, and many others for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Site recommendations, I don’t really have any yet, but I know a few people with some very nice websites that I’ll recommend in coming weeks. My site will be being update daily starting in a few weeks, I just have to get things in order here. Until my next post take care.

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