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Microsoft Ordered to stop Selling Word

Last week a federal judge in east Texas ordered that Microsoft would have to stop selling it’s word processing software Word within 60 days due to copyright issues. A company in Canada called i4i Inc. stated that Microsoft infringed on their copyrighted patent dealing with XML technology. A patent that was submitted originally in 1994. This news has also caused some concerns among the open source community, but from what I understand there is no cause for concern in that area. They have stated that this only has to deal with patent infringing, and not formats.

On Friday Microsoft filed an emergency motion that would stop the judgment process and waive the bond requirement. There’s not much else to say since the full document has not been made public at this time. This case has a lot of people concerned about Word, and others are in an uproar of joy over Microsoft woes, I for one use Word the XML technology I could actually care less about, so if they take it out, it doesn’t bother me one little bit.

I do not know how this will all turn out, but I am on Microsoft’s side on this. When it comes to patent infringement, or infringing of any kind, prohibiting or restricting the use or selling of that product is not the answer, and in the end does more harm than good.

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