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Working Out is Healthy….Seriously!

Well lately I’ve been really into working out, and no I’m not obsessed. I just enjoy  it, it’s nice to be able to wake up and start training. Now I know what most people are thinking, “A geek who likes to workout?” lol. Well I’ve always been a geek, but I’ve pretty much considered myself to be one of the cool geeks. So anyways, yes I workout in the mornings, this would be from about 5am to 8am, then I usually eat my breakfast and watch the news on CNN, or read a few blogs. I haven’t been posting anything, because I tend to get carried away when I’m training.

In the afternoons I train again from 3pm to 6pm, morning workouts are different. Even my eating habits have changed, the end result is that I feel happier and a lot more energetic. I haven’t felt this way since I was a kid lol, and I’m totally serious when I say that. So that is what I’ve been up to lately, but I have much more to talk about later. Until then, peace out.

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