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To get back on the technology subject, today is the release of the ZuneHD. This is a device that will directly compete with the iPod Touch. Throughout the last few months rumors were tossed around on both sides, with most proving to be false, the iPod nano got a camera, while the touch remains unchanged. Personally I think this was a stupid move, but hey what do I know right?

The ZuneHD also will not sport a camera, but does give us a full 3.3 OLED Widescreen, that is fully touch. The device is wifi enabled, includes a full screen browser, that if I’m not mistaking is a mobile version of Internet Explorer. I don’t know how this device will stack up against the touch, however I do expect to get one for myself so that I can give a full review of the device.

The question here is will the device be successful or will be just another epic fail for Microsoft?

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