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My Interest – A Window Into My Life

I figured I’d take the time to say some of my interest. People often find it funny that I still watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. This is because at heart I’m still pretty much a kid. I find shows like Drake & Josh, and iCarly to be hilarious. and yes I do watch SpongeBob, LOL. I’ll watch Johnny Test on CN, and of course later when Adult Swim comes on I’ll watch Family Guy, King of the Hill, and especially Robot Chicken.

I love anime, Big O is pretty good, my favorite of Course is Dragonball Z. Now let me express this, Dragonball Evolution sucked so badly, it was God Awful. Sorry DBE fans but it sucked monkey balls. I just started buying the season sets to DBZ, and plan on buying the Dragonball sets when they start coming out. I know Season 1 of DB should already be out, but I’m waiting for more to come out before I go buying those. Now Dragonball GT on the other hand I could buy both seasons, and I will. However you see I have a hard time accepting DBGT as a legit sequel to DBZ. The plots ok in some parts, but Goku should never have been turned into a kid, and they should have kept some of the other characters involved.

LOL ok I can really go on a rant when it comes to the Dragonball series. To get back to interest I enjoy working out, and being active. I surf the web most of time, and spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, and listening to music via Pandora.  Just thought I’d share a few things with everyone.

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