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My iTunes Collection


I thought I’d take the time to share with everyone my iTunes collection. I have many albums, and most of them were purchased from the iTunes store. The ones that aren’t from the iTunes store are ripped straight from CD’s I had. Which now today I do not own a sing music CD since they have all been ripped. I like to listen to movie scores, and yes the Twilight score is there because I like the music from the movie. My favorite artists would be Dark Sanctuary, Nox Arcana, Artesia, Dargaard, and Paramore.

I also have movies like, Independence Day, Bicentennial Man, Harry Potter, Homeward Bound, and some others. Along with some TV Shows, and yes Power Rangers is there because the originals were my favs. I also have the entire series of Jericho which was an awesome series. iCarly is there because I still watch Nickelodeon and I actually find iCarly to funny, as well as Drake & Josh.

The Podcast I listen to mostly deal with Tech, I’m a geek and technology is very important. I do not ever delete a single podcast because I never know when it might come in handy. Especially with technology, because I really want to save it so one day I can show my kids what was coming out in my day. I have many podcast, 1183 to be exact.

So that’s pretty much it, my entire iTunes collection. Glad I took the time to share this, I will probably update this once a year or so.

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