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Windows 7 Release


What is happening on Oct. 22, 2009?

Well if the title doesn’t answer it then I don’t know what to tell you, it’s the release of Windows 7. The successor to Windows Vista, what 7 promises to bring to the table is faster loading time, new codec support, new taskbar, and reliability. It’s everything Windows Vista wasn’t and in many was is what Vista should have been. Now Vista was not an Epic Fail, like Windows ME, but more of a smudge between Windows XP and Windows 7.

I tested Windows 7 from Beta build 7000 onward to the Release Candidate and was greatly pleased with the performance of the Operating System (OS). When I tested Vista back in 2006 it had problems, and that was the Release Candidate. I installed it on my then newly built desktop PC, and from the start problems were apparent. The problems got so bad that the OS actually stopped loading after a few weeks. I stopped testing it and went back to Windows XP.

Things with the Beta and RC versions of Windows 7 were the complete opposite. Every thing worked, everything was compatible. I only got one Blue Screen with Windows 7 RC and that was when I plugged in my dinosaur of a monitor lol. Oh well right? The stability in Windows 7 is there and apparent. I still have it installed on another Desktop PC that I own, my laptop no longer has a working hard drive, and it’s not because of Windows. I don’t like Hitachi hard drives, because they wear down faster then Western Digital.

There are 3 versions of Windows 7 for the United States, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate. Now Ultimate is a waste of money unless you just got to have everything. I currently use Windows Vista Ultimate and barely use half of it’s features. With Windows 7 I am purchasing the Professional version, and it will be the full version not the upgrade. I prefer clean installs when I install an OS, mostly because there tend to be problems when it comes to upgrades. Plus sometimes it’s just nice to start out fresh with a clean computer, and a nice clean desktop.

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