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Tea Time

2009-09-30 03-06-07.431


This I know has nothing to do with tech, but I figured I take the time to speak about my favorite drink. I love tea, I love it hot or cold. Sweetened and unsweetened. For many people tea is preferred when in a restaurant, or just to drink around the home. I drink it because it’s healthier than a soda, but lately I’ve been indulging myself with soda, Cherry Dr.Pepper to be exact.

As I sit here at my computer I have my glass of tea sitting here and if you don’t believe me I have the picture included, but you knew that already didn’t you ;). This is my me time, just me and the tea minding our own business while I type up a few new blogs with pure thought. Right now that blog is about tea, and how that tea helps me.

Yes I know it seems strange, but I sometimes prefer posting something a bit more random to my blog just to keep things interesting. So today is tea, one day it might be pizza, or coffee, maybe even sushi, who knows the possibilities are endless.

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