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Music Sites


There are many music sites online, but three stand out amongst the crowd.,, and Pandora are three of the most popular music sites on the internet. I myself am a member of all three even though I am still sort of new to Each of these sites handles music in a different way, but allow you to share your likes with the world. – Is twitter for music in a sense, you find a song you like and blip it. When you choose to blip it you can add a status message, and if you see someone elses blip you like, you can choose to Re-blip (RB) it. Using the settings you can make it possible to post you’re blips to twitter. However if you want to post to multiple sites I recommend using – Using rather interesting if you ask me, you can use it to find music but it’s really just nice to be able to play you’re own and share it. Using a desktop app you can perform what is called Scrobbling. This little app picks up the song you’re playing on iTunes, or Windows Media Player and shows it on your profile. I love it because I want people to see what I listen to, and hopefully meet people with similar interest.

Pandora – This site is very nice, you select a song or artist you are looking for and it plays. What’s really nice is using the music gnome it actually finds similar artist or songs that carry the same sounds as you’re favorites. Thus what this does is introduces to other songs and artist. I started using Pandora in 2007 and have widened my music listening exponentially.

Out of them all I’d say and Pandora are my favorites, I don’t know what I would do without them. How do you like to share your music? Do you use either of three that I’ve mention in this post, or do you use another service that you’d like to share? I’d really like to hear.

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