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I love the internet, and everything about the internet. I love technology, and everything about technology. There is so much that can be accomplished with software, and hardware, but there is also so much to be done with social media. Mainstream social media sites like Myspace and Facebook have dominated the general public. As for Geek sites there is only one that I know of and it is located at, but I feel having only one geek location is unfair to the geek masses.

My own company which is still in infancy and consist of myself alone is working on a new Geek social site. This will give many geeks the choice between choosing Geeks and a different geek site. Now a geek is anyone who is passionate about stuff. For example if you are passionate about books then you’re a book geek, maybe you know a lot about movies, then you’re a movie geek.

Currently the domain that I want is taken so I will be doing my best to obtain it since it’s not in use and is only a parked domain. Of course I am open to hearing ideas for a name if you’re willing to help out. The site itself is in beta, but I haven’t had time to work on it lately, I do need people who are willing to join, and want to join and help build an alternative community to Geeks.

I would like to express that I am in no way against Chris Pirillo and his community. That community is very helpful, and a lot of the people are very friendly. However there are some that strike me as possessive, and tyrannical. Instead of whine about it as some have I’ve decided to make this change myself. I am a fan of Chris, but I am not a fanatic, much like I am a Christian but not religious, or fanatical.

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