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The Sims 3


The Sims 3 is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A very different game than it’s PC/Mac counterpart, The Sims 3 app is ok in my taste. I preferably like to play the game on my PC, but it is nice to have a playable version on my iPod Touch.

The game is more than likely similar to the ones played on the DSi, and PSP. Loading isn’t bad, and the game itself plays pretty good. This is hard for me to actually explain, you would have to play for yourself to understand. One thing is the odd jobs you have to do, some of which make no sense to me. The amount of money you make is not really helpful in the beginning, but in reality sometimes you have to struggle a little to succeed.

I’ve played for a couple of months now, off and on that is. Lately I’ve just kept it on my iPod Touch and haven’t really played it.

The Sims 3 goes for $6.99 in the iTunes App Store. It’s hard for me to recommend this game, but if you’re a hardcore fan of the Sims series go for it.

The Sims 3

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