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What does the Future Hold?


The future is far off, but it so nice to think a dream of what that future would be like. Is it possible that everything will go open source, maybe. I can see how this would be a possibility, however I wouldn’t put my money on it. A few years ago I was watching a special they had on the the discovery channel called 2057 and I was thinking wow this is amazing stuff. They divided it over 3 episodes, one was Medical, another was The City, and the last one was Energy.

In 2057 I will be 72 years old, so that is really amazing to think about. One of the other things is, what could be in the next 50 years. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, and many others will they still be here? Or will they be gone, merged, or weakening. It’s really hard to say, but it’s such a way to think.

Windows 7 in my opinion was a success, and I am looking forward to Windows 8 in 2012, if it meets it’s deadline. With Windows 7 Microsoft has taken a step into the future, but the software giant has a long ways to go if it want to survive this new decade.

Apple also has work to do with OS X, but I will say this OS X Snow Leopard is no step forward, it’s only version 10.6. I am interested in seeing how Apple will make the leap from OS X to OS 11. They will really have to work hard, and I can’t wait to see what Apple pulls out of the bag. Both Apple and Microsoft have their work cut out for them against Google. You might say that Google doesn’t have any ground. Well neither did Microsoft when it first arrived.

What do you think of the future? What kind of world do you think we’ll live in in 50 years?

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