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Retro Gaming With a Duo System


I decided to buy the Retro Duo system, I guess you could call it a console. Anyways I bought as a Christmas present to myself. So now I can play some of my old Nintendo and Super Nintendo Games. Though I only have two SNES games left after I traded them in along with my Nintendo 64 at my old Pawn Shop a few years ago for a PlayStation 2.

I love being able to play all the old games, and I seem to have become somewhat of a video game collector. Sort of a new hobby, my first video game console was the Atari 2600 in 1988. A year later I got the Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas.

The Retro Duo works like it should and I have enjoyed the games I own as well as a couple of new ones which I have purchased in the past couple of weeks. There are several systems like the Retro Duo; the FC Twin is one such system However since I don’t own one I can’t say much about it.

If you have the Retro Duo or a system like it, how does it work? Are you happy with it or do you think it was a waste?

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