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A Personal Reflection

2010-03-25 02-09-36.080

My personal feelings and emotions I try to keep to myself, and many times I am unsuccessful. I am one of those people who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Throughout my life I have always tried to make since of the world around me, not you’re world but my own. This post is a very personal one because I am revealing a part of me I try to hide. A part that makes me the loving, caring, person I am.

If it wasn’t for my Grandmother who I call mom I don’t think I would have very much emotion. She taught me to love, and to respect life, to cherish it dearly. To help people who need it, and to take up for those who can’t defend themselves. I am 24 years old, and am far wiser than most my age, my grandfather who I call dad also taught me a lot over the years. If you haven’t caught on yet my grandparents raised me.

He taught me self control, and ethics. He showed me how to be responsible, and though my grandparents who I refer to as my parents have made mistakes, it is their mistakes which I have learned from.

This is something that I’ve needed to share, I know by posting this that it will spread. Sometimes it’s my emotions that keep me from posting, and making videos. I know it sounds wimpy, but that’s just who I am. Many people don’t know this, since I’ve only posted it once on Geeks. My greatest fear is not being able to protect those closes to me.

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