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The Windows Phone


Ah, the Windows Phone, a phone for the average Windows user. Well that’s my view anyway, and yes I’ve seen the phone in action. Well one of them at least. To be honest as I always am, I still prefer an iPhone, and am not completely impressed with the features on the Windows Phone.

For starters the home screen looks cluttered and unorganized, the large icons look like crap to me. Now I would try one just to see how the performance actually measures up, and to be fair using one would be the only way I can pass a final judgment on this peace of hardware. If you ask me it’s like Microsoft is always late to the game with some of it’s ideas. They denied that the iPhone was a real competition, and yet here’s Microsoft trying to play catch up with Apple.

Over the past two and a half years the iPhone has proven itself amongst the masses, and has shown that not even it’s clones can touch it. However there is something that the iPhone, Windows Phone, and all the others including the Palm-Pre have in common…They aren’t perfect, and all have flaws. I am interested in seeing how the Windows Phone does over time. Will it be a flop, or will it be a success?

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