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Days In Our Lives Getting Shorter


There are moments when you feel that you just don’t have enough time in a day to do everything you have to do. Well if you’ve heard about the 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile then it looks like you will have even less time to do everything. Apparently the planet itself is off set on it’s axis, now I know what some people are thinking but no we’re not talking about the polar axis here. We’re talking about the earths figure axis, “What the heck is that?” well in a nutshell it’s the axis that the mass of the planet is balanced.

According to NASA officials the figure axis is off set from the planets polar axis by 33 feet. To me that is amazing, now let me go on the record here saying that I am deeply saddened by the human loss from this quake. All I can say is that my prayers are with these people. I’ve spent most of my life learning about this planet, and so I get really excited when things like this happen (Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, etc.) though I do wish that people didn’t have to get hurt. However this is nature and some things just can’t be helped.

It really makes you wonder though doesn’t it? Haiti was in January and Chile was in February. So will another big one strike this month?

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