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Remasters & Updates


Lately I’ve been going back and watching some of my videos, and to be honest have found many of them painful to watch at times. The videos that I’m talking about are mainly from the beginning, and lack personality to the degree that it makes the video unwatchable. Now that’s me talking about my own videos, and if I’m saying that imagine what others are saying.

Also on another note videos have slowed for a different reason than last, I have re-enrolled in school. Right now I’m trying to get situated in this house, and get ready for my entry exam Friday. If all goes well I should be fine, so wish me luck. Other than that fewer posts, and fewer videos should also show that I have a life, as pale as I am I know it’s hard to believe, but I do go outside lol.

For the videos being posted now, they are what I’m going to be calling Remastered videos. They will have the same title as the original, but will sport Remastered in parenthesis.

The following videos are the one’s I will be redoing:

  • Blogging Effect
  • Drinks
  • What’s Your Favorite Gadget?
  • Evolutionary State of Video
  • What DVR Do You Use?
  • What’s Your Favorite Type of Music?
  • Games and Consoles
  • Video Game Music VGM
  • What is your favorite movie or movies?
  • Browsers

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