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Based on the feedback that I have gotten from people on the Kindle for PC application, and from what I'm seeing there are many ways in which it does come in handy. There are ways in which the app is being implemented that I really didn't think about when I made the video, or spoke about it. I like it all, and hope to see a lot of it catch on in time.

Now see this is what I like about feedback. I get to hear how you and others use technology, or at least what I post about. I'm serious when I say that I would like recommendations on topics and iPhone, iPod touch apps. Unfortunately I don't own an iPad, but that will come in time. I have gotten one comment on YouTube that asked me why I don't just buy a camera stand. Well the answer to that is quite simple, I'm a cheap ass. Actually no the real reason is because every time I am about to buy something I want I get into a conflict with myself over spending the money. Plus I'd rather focus on getting a flip camcorder, so I can switch to HD video. With that I bid you all adieu.

Oh before I forget, I'm posting this from my iPod touch using the Squarespace app. Making this my first mobile post.

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