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Natures Beauty

As a geek my place is usually sitting at my computer, or so you think. I actually spend less time online and more time outside. Yes outdoors, to be out of the house in other words. Well at least the outdoors is a social network that will never be offline, and that I will always have access to. The fresh air, the wildlife, the birds and the bees, well you get what I mean.

Nature is beautiful, and I for one love nature. Life can be pleasant if you take the time to take notice to the beauty around, no matter the situation. Even the little things like birds, and flowers can help.

Every once in a while people should take a break from their computers, or video games and get out. Untether yourself and go, and relax in nature, unless it’s raining then it’s ok to stay indoors. Life is too short to spend it all the time in doors, so come on got out live a little.


*Sun might kill you if you get too close to it

*Shiny person might be vampire.

*Some trees are kite eaters.

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