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Long Time No Speak!

 As always technology has been part of my life for years, and every once in a while I take a break from videos and posts. Lately I have noticed that I’ve just gotten lazy, not caring to post or take care of my sites. This lead me to my sites redesign, and the quest to try to add a little more variety. My posts have always been about news, or the latest happenings on the web with Windows, Mac, or something random.

That will continue to be the case, however I am now adding video games into the mix. Uh…when I say video games, I do mean classic ones. I have accumulated a lot of games over the past few months, including some great consoles. I’m not going to post some bogus nonsense, or start becoming some Angry Video Game Nerd or Classic Game Room HD. No we already have those on YouTube. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do the reviews, just that I’d like to start doing them by the end of the year.

In sticking to original content I have many more apps for the iPhone and iPod touch to share. Plus many desktop apps. All of this is stuff I want to do real bad right now, but I’m waiting to get some new equipment. An HD camera would be nice so I don’t have to use my iPod for video, and a new microphone. The other thing that I am considering is a new way to make videos and edit them. Now I understand how boring reading this little article can be. Especially since there really isn’t any real information in it. So I’ll end it here.


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