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Going Uncensored

Lately I have been rethinking my whole site and what I want it to represent. Yes I love technology, but in all honesty I am tired of censoring myself on video and in site. In order for me to actually post something great, I need to be able to put my full self into what I’m creating. Now I did that in the Sega DreamCast VMU post, but the video was seriously lacking because it was made at an earlier date.

Watching all of my videos on YouTube I noticed that I have a hard time putting my personality into the video. Mainly because I can be sarcastic, and I do swear. Fearing that I might offend some people, I tried to censor some of my works. Can’t do it anymore, and as for tech blogging that will continue here, but there will also be random post on other topics. My Twitter has changed from @tecnicle to @RetroGamerGeek, and that was just the start of some changes.

The Twitter change was necessary for a number of reasons, but the main one was my feed is starting to become a place where I can vent, and share my day to day antics with the world. I love tweeting out random stuff, and all of it is truth, I don’t make and of it up. Post that can make you laugh, but also post that can let you see the more sarcastic side of myself. Some post might even make you think I’m a jerk, or even snobby, but I’m actually a really nice person, I just have rules I live by, and standards. I have nothing against people, there’s just things I like, and things I don’t like, and that’s with any person.

So here we go, Mike Copeland uncensored. I’d also like to add that @tecnicle is still on twitter and is the offical Twitter of this site. Though I only kept the name since I own it.

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