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Jun302011 is the new name of Over the past couple of years I have been doing a lot of videos, and post on technology, and things that deal with technology. However in doing so this has kept me very limited in what I want to share with an online community. When I switched my twitter handle from @tecnicle to @retrogamergeek I realized how much more appeal it had over tecnicle. Not to mention the fact that RetroGamerGeek sounds like it has had a lot more thought process going into it that the Kindergarten looking Tecnicle.

As the name implies I will post things about games and retro games. After all that is the point to a Gamer, and a Retro Gamer, but tech will also still be mentioned. Which is where the Geek part comes into play. Though the definition of a geek is “any one passionate about a certain interest.” I can safely say I am a geek in tech, and video games, as well as music.

I also wish to share more of my life on this site, and give people a window into the world that is mine. This is the whole point to my un-censoring, and showing some reality.

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