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When Is It Going to be Enough?

Politics and religion are two subjects that I tend to steer away from because much like the Mac vs. PC debate these discussions often get ugly. Even the most open minded person will show how closed minded they are with these topics. To some you can’t be a geek, and be a Christian, well I beg to differ because I am a Christian, and a Democrat. Now that’s not to say that I’m one of those fanatical wind bags that goes around condemning every Tom, Dick, and Jane to Hell. For the record, I really dislike Christian fanatics.

With all the political bullshit going on in the world these days, what with Politian’s being a stupid as ever. It’s no wonder people don’t have a clue at what’s going on anymore. For instance many Americans believe what is told to them, and instead of doing a little bit of research they listen to CNN, or MSNBC. Trust me, there was a time when I was the same way, of course I was a teenager back then.

Here is the truth; the mainstream media is never going to tell the full truth. In fact you’re hearing only what the owner of that network wants you to hear. CNN is basically neutral, FOX News is conservative all the way, and MSNBC of course is Liberal media. You can tell all this just by watching and listening to commentary. This is also a way to get like people with like views to join in the fun of bashing other people (i.e. Republicans vs. Democrats).

Now let me explain where I stand, I consider myself a Democrat. However, I do have some conservative views, this stems from being raised with morals. So in a way I’m actually an Independent, or Democratic-Republican. I can’t say exactly right now how I feel about the recent situation with the debt crisis, but I can say that the GOP is not serious about fixing the situation with our debt. Republicans tend to care more about the rich, and less about the middle and lower classes. What people don’t realize is that it’s the middle and lower class that make America’s wealthy, well, wealthy. Democrat’s aren’t doing any better at it either.

Too many people sit there and think that the lower and middle class can just wake up one day go apply for a job and get it. It’s much more complicated than that, and with the economy the way it is and jobs being sent overseas, it’s only getting harder and harder. Not to mention the amount of people who can’t work because they are on disability. My parents know this feeling, my grandmother works 40 hours a week, and those aren’t flat hours. Yes 40 hours is the norm, however her hours fluctuate from week to week, sometimes giving her overtime. I believe last week she worked 19 hours straight. My grandfather does what he can to survive; he suffered a massive heart attack back in 2006. He only has quarter of his heart working, so there really isn’t much he can do. He collects SSI, and depends on that check every month to pay their rent, and other utilities.

The fact that congress’ BS threatened the very arrival of that check makes me sick. These people get elected to serve the people, but instead only serve their own interest. What really ticks me off is that the American people just take it, like it’s nothing. Almost as if they don’t have a say in the matter, and its mind boggling. I mean two centuries ago America wasn’t like this. The people had spunk; they had guts, now they’re too scared of their own shadows.

To all Politian’s in Washington, you are elected to serve the people of the United States of America. You are not elected to represent the party of which you are a part of, but to represent the people that elected you.


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