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Technology Revolution

Tonight I sit back and think about the advancements in technology that have come our way over the past several years. So many new gadgets, so many changes, and so much money being spent. The gadgets of today were just a dream a few years ago, but now here they are in our lives. The advancements that have been made are not just tied to the mobile market, but can be seen in everyday computing.

Operating Systems have benefited from the growth of the mobile market, and I do expect this trend to continue. Especially as our society starts to wander and free themselves from their computers, and offices.

Remember a time when the iPhone didn't exist? Hard to imagine now right? Well it wasn't that long ago, and that one little device revolutionized the cell phone market. It was the first of it's kind to get it right in a sense. As a result of the iPhone we've seen the rise and fall of Google's Nexus which failed, and Android which has been able to stand on it's own. In fact Android is a good alternative to iOS as long as you don't mind Malware of course. We've also seen Microsoft come out with Windows Phone, and it's Windows Phone 7 software. What you see here is competition at its fullest.

Plus like I said computer Operating Systems have benefited from the mobile market. Just look at OS X Lion, and Windows 8. With Lion Apple has taken what they've learned and developed for iOS and merged it with OS X. This is amazing, though not surprising as we start to see the massive shift away from traditional computing. I personally am a Windows user currently, and so I look at Windows 8 which is not really what I'm looking for, but don't get me wrong. Just as OS X has benefited, so has Windows. Windows 8's UI is built on HTML 5 and Java from what I understand, and let me tell you THIS IS HUGE NEWS! The very things used to power websites and mobile platforms is being incorperated into a desktop OS. I for one am hoping that Microsoft can pull it off with Windows 8, and can bring Windows out of the whole that Vista put it in so long ago. Go on admit it, you forgot there was a Windows Vista right? Don't worry it's better to keep it that way.

All of this change has come about little by little, and will continue to happen. We've seen the rise of tablets, and yes I know they were around before but it took the iPad to establish them. The rise of the E-Readers being led by Amazon's Kindle of course, and so much more. Time will always have this change effect on our world. As time goes on things change, people fall in love with different things, and places evolve. This is true with anything, whether it be technology, politics, people, or planets. I've been a Windows user since I was a child, my first computer was running MS-DOS 6.22. This was before I got Windows 3.1, and now today I find myself using Windows 7 and about to switch to OS X later this year. So see even I have changed over time, and I know many of you will to.


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