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Facebook vs. Twitter

When it comes to social sites everyone knows Facebook, but is FB really where the action is? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the last few weeks, and with my activity on FB dwindling it does make one wonder. I recently posted on both sites that “Twitter is more of a community than Facebook”, and I’ll elaborate on what I mean later on in this post.

Social sites have become the norm in our online society, and so many have sprouted up. Out of all the social networks FB and Twitter are the biggest. Even though Google+ is around, it doesn’t count until it goes mainstream. Twitter isn’t what you would think of as a social site, a community of people that follow other people, but when you think about it doesn’t that make Twitter more social than FB? While FB is mostly fan pages and friends, and for that it works. What it doesn’t work for are people who want to be fully public like myself.

I usually make most parts of my profiles public because I like sharing my thoughts with the world, and like letting people see the real me. So usually if a person adds me on FB and I like what they post, or like their taste I will add them. I actually like meeting new people whether they’re online or off. I’m very quiet, but very noisy with my post. If I am messaged I will message back. On Twitter I try to respond to mentions on time, but sometimes I’m not paying attention. Also I don’t follow people just because they follow me. If you follow me on Twitter and I follow you back, it’s because I like your tweets, and view your feed as interesting. Also if you follow me and unfollow me I will unfollow you as well.

With Twitter random people follow random people, usually based off their interest, or who they follow. I find this to be the best formula for myself, though there are some that would prefer the formula that Facebook uses. Yes you can virtually add whoever you want as a friend on FB, but most people only accept, or add people they know. That is the way it (Facebook) was designed and for good reason when you think about the amount of spam we saw with MySpace and other social sites that compete with FB, the first of which is no longer much of anything.

Facebook and Twitter however are not on the same level, it’s not about friendships or how many people follow you. It’s all in how you use these sites that makes them what they are. For me the action is on Twitter, for you the action may be on FB. Or if you were one of the lucky dogs, it might be Google+.

When I stated that Twitter is more of a community than Facebook, I was merely pointing out that I can get more useful and well rounded information from Twitter. My friendships on FB are small, and that’s because the friends I have I knew in High School, and couple I met after I moved to Texas and attended Everest. I am a fan of many things on FB, but the info I want just isn’t there.

There are some little things that bother me with FB. One of the things I don’t like is the Newsfeed. It feels cluttered, and needs to be overhauled. The ads are an eyesore, something that actually turns me off to the site. I had a problem with the privacy settings, but with the changes they made recently I have set that issue aside.

So in a nutshell I guess the action is wherever you spend your time. Facebook, Twitter, some random site, it’s all the same. These sites all attract different types of people, unless you’re a geek, then you’re a member of more than one site. If you are then I would recommend to update multiple sites at once.

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