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iPhone Trouble In Paradise

Ok I was up late last night, watching Chris Pirillo's Webcast on Ustream, and decided to watch System. What did I see? You ask. Well I watched as Dave Randolph took and iPhone and dropped it on the ground and cracked the screen, he cracked the screen, he cracked the freaking screen. Now keep in mind this is a phone that is supposed to be very durable, yeah right!

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iPhone A Bad Buy

Ok the iPhone has been out for a few days now and I still dont want one. The iPhone has so many flaws with it, and I think its sad that people have gone out and spent money on this thing and not even relize that Apple has pulled a fast one on them. The flaws in the phone are the fact of its storage capability and its lack of support for some apps. Apple knows that the iPhone has flaws but has given the phone such icandy that the average consumer wont notice or even possibly not even care.

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UFO's- It's nice to imagine

I've always tried to have an open mind to life existing somewhere else in the universe, however I dont believe God created life on other planets, but if he did they I believe they would be humanoid. What draws my attention to this is there have been sightings of strange lights, and the Roswell, New Mexico insident in 1947 is another attention getter.
Recently there was an article published from and online news source that one of the men who worked in the military had made a death bed confession that the events in 1947 were not from a "weather balloon". Now Im not buying any of this stuff, its just I like to use my imagination alot and kinda wonder wat it would be like if aliens really existed. If they do they do if they dont they dont.
Would they be nice, or would would they be like the aliens from "Independance Day" and try to kill us all. I know I wouldnt like some 15 mile wide spaceships entering our atmosphere, but hey maybe you would, lol.
Years ago we believed there were moon people, and life on Mars, but when we landed on the moon in 1969 we found no such life, to this day the only thing on the moon is the lunar lander, the lunar rover, the american flag, and a plac that reads "Here men from the Planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969 "We came In Peace For All Mankind". Later in years to come we sent probes to other planets in our solar system and found no life, but did discover things about the planets around us that we had never known up till that point.
It is possible that life exist elsewhere, but it is also possible that man has let his imagination run away with him. All I know is that God makes no mention of life elsewhere in the universe in the Bible, so I can only imagine that it does, but I want hard evidence that it does, not what I've seen so far for the past 21 yrs of my life. Well maybe oneday it will all become clear...until then I can just imagine it and hope and dream that one day we'll make contact.


Games for Windows

Games for Windows is a new service for Windows, basically this is XboxLIVE on Windows. This service will launch with the edition of Halo2 for Windows Vista, but this is just one game of many coming to WindowsLIVE. Games that follow Halo2 are Shadowrun, and Uno. These again are the only games being mentioned on the Games for Windows website,(if you go to the site look under LIVE.) Of course there might be more that I don't know about. Apparently there is also a beta of Geometry Wars for Windows Vista, the idea is to bring the gamer community together as never before. To have Windows users and Xbox360 players interact with Games for Windows-LIVE.

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