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As The Year Ends

As the year starts to wind down we start to look back on the things that made this year so great. Topping the list (well my list that is) is the iPad. This single device has changed the way we think about tablets, much in the same way the iPhone changed the way we view the smart phone. Even now as the year ends we have tablets running Google's Android OS, showing just how popular these little devices are. Another great thing (at least to me) is the new iPod Touch. Even I was

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iPod Touch 4 Unboxing

iPod Touch 4


A week ago I got a new iPod Touch 4, and I loved it. Everything worked great, then the other day a little accident happened when I accidently dropped it into the toilet. Yeah I know real smart right, but everything worked after it dried out. Rather than keep it I went out and got a new one, so this is an unboxing of that new one. Since I didn’t do one of the other, I did the best I could, which I think was much better than my 2nd Gen. iPod Touch unboxing which I did not upload due to how bad I thought it was.

I love the packaging with these iPods, and the size of the 4th Gen compared to the 2nd Gen is amazing.


Happy Mother’s Day

Today we sit back and give our mothers the appreciation they deserve. Now that’s not to say that we don’t all year round, but today we show it even more than usual. At least that’s the way I look at it. Today tell your mom how much you love her, and let her know that you are thankful for everything she does. For me my mom is my grandmother, I am thankful for what she has done for me, even though she can be a bit lost at times I do love her.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there, and I hope that all you sons and daughters show your appreciation for the work a mother does. Not just today but everyday of the year.


Back to

Last year I made the statement that I had left because I had found everything I need in TweetDeck. Well I’m back using, and my main reasoning behind this move is convenience. I am a member of many social sites, not just Facebook, and Twitter, but Myspace, LinkedIn, Geeks, etc. Also many blog sites which I use to send my status as micro blogs to these sites. TweetDeck is limited in this, as of the current version it only supports Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That just is no help to me anymore, of course I do still you TweetDeck to monitor my tweets. is a great service, and has been since it started up, on the iPod Touch I use Pingle, which really helps me out when I’m in a Wi-Fi area. Also the ability on the site to group many of the sites together (#Status, or #All) Makes it even easier for me to send what I want, to exactly where I want.


Bump for iPhone and Android


I am sure that you all know by now what bump is, at least that’s what I am assuming. If it’s one thing I have learned in life it’s best not to assume. So, bump is an application for the iPhone and Android, yes it’s cross platform. I have never used bump as I do not own an iPhone. I do know that it works, and does what it’s supposed to do. Software apps like these tend to make life easier, and when I get an iPhone I will be using this app.

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